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highly financed EV start-ups, form alliance

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A Reuters article of yesterday, reports that some (yet unlicensed), highly capitalized, start-ups are involved in collaboration to offset the high costs of bringing an advanced NEV, ie, autonomous/connected EV, to the marketplace.
Five companies are involved, including Singulato (Zhiche), WM Motor, Chehejia (CHJ), and two which may not sound familiar, that is, AIWAYS and Hongxing.

Correct me if I am wrong but AIWAYS is possibly the company known as Future Mobility or Harmony Futeng, and Hongxing may be the old Hongxing that we knew to be associated with the now defunct Shuanghuan. Yes, it is still alive as we can see at:

I welcome your thoughts on this, and once again, I think that this class of high roller NEV companies should have its own dedicated place here at CCF.
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Yes, you are right, Aiways= Future Mobility or Harmony Futeng; see
(Fu Qiang is named in the Reuters article, so Aiways = Aiche)
Thank you.
Now I see that Harmony Futeng and AIWAYS, though under the same parent, have different objectives.
As to the Hongxing we know, when it comes to heavy capitalization, and its current chemical energy connections, it doesn't seem to fit here.
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