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In the US, the NHTSA is a very busy organization. It seems like every time we turn around it's initiating another recall. I think the same goes for NCAP Europe and Australia as well as OSA in Japan.

But what I am wondering is why I haven't heard of any recalls of Xinkai, Jiangling, Geely, and others in China? We all heard of the petty recall of Chery's Dongfang Zhizi for a defective vanity mirror switch, but that's about the only domestic car recall I have seen published. Maybe I am just missing all these announced recalls of domestic vehicles by the central government. Lord knows the multinationals in China have had their share of recalls over the last few years.

If domestic makers want to export successfully they need their consciousness raised about this process and all that it entails. For it to be any other way is to raise images of a China NCAP ostrich.
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