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beijing bj 212

hello sovietauto, as owner of a 1987 BJ 212 (we made today a nice mountain trip over the Alberes, using some very interesting and rough pistes) and living in France (PO 66), and as writer of the book you mention in your thread, I can tell you this:
In 1961 Beijing Auto Works designed a cross country car, BJ 210, using a Chinese copy of the GAZ M21 engine.
This BJ 210 was much smaller than the latter BJ 212.
In 1963-1964 Beijing Auto Works developed the BJ 212, serial production started in 1964-1965. The engine was the one from the BJ 210.
production of the BJ 210 was moved to the Tianjin Auto Works, the car now named TJ 210.
The BJ 212 made its public appearance at Tian'anmen, 1966, during the start of the Cultural Revolution, as Mao Zedongs inspection car.
I can recommend my book, see
Personally I believe the BJ 212 was inspired by the UAZ 469, as the first prototypes of the UAZ appeared already in 1960-1961. And at that time there was a lot of Russian help to the Chinese automotive industry. It is funny that the Russians started mass production only late 1972, 6-7 years later than the Chinese!

Licensed variant of the Beijing 212; the Bamin BM212A
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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