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Russian Ministries of Industrial Energy and Economical Development and Trade have rejected four projects of industrial assembly of Chinese cars with the total volume of investments over 380 million dollars, the Kommersant newspaper reports.

The official data say the reason for the decline is that the established assembling process goes against the WTO standards. However, experts think the Russian government is not ready to let competitive Chinese companies enter the Russian market.

The Chinese companies planned to assemble motor cars of little-known brands and sell them at moderate prices. The government, in its turn, was interested only in building a new automobile plant able to produce 50 thousand cars per year by Great Wall Company in the republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Federation.

Within last several years almost all well-known international automobile-manufacturers signed contracts with the Russian authorities to produce and assemble cars for the promising Russian market, among them: Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford, Suzuki, Nissan, General Motors, Toyota, KIA and Hyundai.

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