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Hongqi L-Series (HQE)

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Chinese “Bentley” to debut next year, priced at $662,244

By Tony September 06 2007

Shanghai. September 6 ( –First Automotive Works (FAW) will release a super expensive luxury Hongqi sedan next year, according to a FAW dealer in Beijing.

The super luxury car, priced five million yuan ($662,244) and dubbed as Chinese Bentley, will be primarily used for senior level Chinese government officials and visiting foreign dignitaries.

The car has retained many traditional features of previous Hongqi sedans, while borrowing modern luxury designs and technologies from world top level luxury cars. In many aspects, it can compete with Bentley and Wilhelm Maybach.

The super luxury car will be sold in a limited number in Chinese market in the third quarter next year. The car will not be sold through FAW sales channels; instead, it will be sold directly from its manufacturer.

Sorry this news is a bit old, but I don't see any thread for this, so I start one.

Does anyone have any info or pics about this sedan ?
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Re: Chinese “Bentley” (Hongqi HQE)

wxw30 said:
What do you guys think?

Weird face, but I like the rest. Kinda seems the engineers basically took a facial from an old Hong Qi limo and slapped on the new one.
I agree WXW. From the A pillar forward it looks like the same limo that we see in old photos of both Zhang Zemin and Deng Xiaoping, passing in review. But this Hongqi looks pretty good, with those noodle grille bars pretty evenly spaced compared to others I've seen.
Re: Hongqi HQE (Chinese Bentley)

".....When the car was started, you could hardly feel the vibration," said Li Jun, director of the technical center of FAW.
Yes, with 1500 power strokes per minute, it should be virtually vibration-free.
But at what cost in fuel and emissions? Shouldn't the government be setting the example here? Chasing after a global image is folly.

Go green Beijing go green
Its precious......, like jade
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