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Hongqi L-Series (HQE)

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Chinese “Bentley” to debut next year, priced at $662,244

By Tony September 06 2007

Shanghai. September 6 ( –First Automotive Works (FAW) will release a super expensive luxury Hongqi sedan next year, according to a FAW dealer in Beijing.

The super luxury car, priced five million yuan ($662,244) and dubbed as Chinese Bentley, will be primarily used for senior level Chinese government officials and visiting foreign dignitaries.

The car has retained many traditional features of previous Hongqi sedans, while borrowing modern luxury designs and technologies from world top level luxury cars. In many aspects, it can compete with Bentley and Wilhelm Maybach.

The super luxury car will be sold in a limited number in Chinese market in the third quarter next year. The car will not be sold through FAW sales channels; instead, it will be sold directly from its manufacturer.

Sorry this news is a bit old, but I don't see any thread for this, so I start one.

Does anyone have any info or pics about this sedan ?
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FAW to launch all-new Hongqi limo HQE in 2009.

February 6, 2009

FAW Car Co., Ltd is set to release its all-new Hongqing limousine HQE model later this year to restore the time-honored "Red Flag" (Hongqi) brand to its former glory, said today. The HQE limo will be also sold through the integrated network of the FAW Besturn.

After launching its premium sedan model HQ Shengshi ("Days of Prosperity") last year, FAW Car will roll out more luxury models of the Hongqi series to boost FAW's strategic own-brand development. Reportedly, the royal "Red Flag" HQE limousine has been designated at the VIP car for Chinese president's inspection of the military parade on October 1, 2009, the National Day to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

FAW will launch its new V12 engine this year. The company claimed to have created this engine independently, and said the engine will equip the future Hongqi HQE limo. The first V12 engine from FAW was developed by Chinese engineers. With a capacity of 6.0 liters, the V12 was given the code name CA12VG, with its maximum power to reach at least 400 HP.

The officials at FAW want to make this expensive model a true competitor for Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley. This can also be easily seen from the model's design, which was shown as a concept a few years ago. The HQE will be the most expensive Hongqi ever to be produced by the company. Mass production will begin in late 2009.

Hongqi (Red Flag) was the home-grown premium sedan brand for senior Chinese leaders in the 1950s-1980s. FAW Car Co has changed the first new Hongqi model's name from Hongqi HQ3 to Shengshi and said that in the future the car will target private car segment instead of high-end corporate and governmental buyers.

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Hongqi Limo remake

From China Car Times.

The Hong Qi soft top limo is a fairly iconic car to all Chinese, both in China and out of China. The first Hong Qi was actually named a Dongfeng and based off an earlier Soviet design that Moscow had passed onto Mao to ride into town on for his first big day in Beijing on October 1st 1949. The later Hong Qi’s were actually based off American cars, the first one being the CA72 model which was riding on a Chrysler 300 platform, later models were a mixture of Audi 100’s and Lincoln Town Cars. But for China’s big 60th birthday celebration, Hong Qi is planning to go back to its 1949 roots and has produced a wonderful beast from which Chairman Hu Jintao will inspect his troops.

Its unclear what platform the above Hong Qi might be riding on, its more than likely to be its own special platform, and will have FAW’s domestically designed and produced V12 engine in it. The above Hong Qi is also most likely to be a road worthy version of the concept car that we saw a few years ago in 2006.

Original article in Chinese:
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Red Flag limo to grace National Day parade.

September 25, 2009
Chinese automaker FAW Car Co., Ltd. said yesterday that its HQE limousine of the time-honored Hongqi (Red Flag) brand has been designated for official use in the grand military parade in Beijing on National Day, Oct. 1. Jiefang Daily reported.

The Red Flag premium sedan was domestically designed and developed by FAW Car, an old unit of Chinese auto giant FAW Group. The famous Chinese sedan was mainly used by China's high-ranking officials in the 1950s-1980s. The upcoming national celebrations will restore this "official sedan" brand to its former glory.

Chinese President Hu Jintao is expected to ride in the new HQE limo to inspect a grand military parade across Tiananmen Square in Beijing on October 1, 2009, a special National Day to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

As it is a 100% handmade limo, the HQE costs more than 3 million yuan ($439,300). It stretches over 6 meters long. The Chinese-developed V12 engine produces 300kw at 5600rpm and a max torque of 550nm at 4000rpm, and the cylinders measure 84mm x 90mm.

FAW expects this expensive sedan model to rival Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley. This can also be easily seen from the model's new exterior, interior, configurations and powertrain while it still features the Red Flag brand's classic elements.

The HQE will be the most expensive Hongqi car ever produced by FAW, with mass production to begin in late 2009, and is likely to go on sale by the end of this year for more than 3 million yuan.
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Another article:

Top Chinese state and military leader Hu Jintao today inspected the country's defense forces which will also stage a massive parade in Beijing in celebration of the 60th founding anniversary of New China.

A black open-roof Red Flag (Hongqi) limousine (made by FAW Car) carried Hu, state president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, eastward along Chang'an Avenue from the iconic Tian'anmen Square shortly after the celebration started at 10 am.

Tens of thousands of soldiers and militia, together with ranks of camouflaged tanks and missiles, stood along the newly widened boulevard and waited to be inspected. The whole procession stretches some three kilometers.

"Greetings, comrades!" Hu, wearing a high-collared Mao suit, saluted troops through a microphone.

"Greetings, leader!" Loudly replied the soldiers in brand new uniforms. Hu then said "Comrades, you are working hard!" And the troops replied: "We serve the people!"

Hu's inspection of the troops, the first in the past decade, preluded a full-dress National Day military parade involving about 8,000 military personnel.

Fourteen phalanxes on feet are composed of the army, navy, air force and the Second Artillery Force of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), the People's Armed Police Force and reserved force.

PLA's young and mysterious Special Forces made their debut for the inspection.

A total of 30 phalanxes in wheeled transport displayed more than 50 types of new weapon systems manufactured by China on its own, including the newest model of intercontinental nuclear-capable ballistic missiles.

Other cutting-edge weaponry included China's new generation of tanks, sophisticated radar, airborne early warning and control aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite communication devices.

All the weapons are made in China. More than 150 jet-fighters, bombers, helicopters and other aircraft in 12 echelons will fly over the square, packed with some 200,000 people.

The parade, the 14th since the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, is set to showcase China's newest weaponry and enhanced defense strength.

And some historical facts about CA72 Parade Car:


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Hongqi CA7600L to go in production?

FAW, owner of the Hongqi-brand, is seriously considering to bring the massive CA7600L to the market. If all goed to plan the limosine will keep the 5.985 litre 300kw V12 but will lose all armor. The CA7600L was originally meant to be made as a small series for government use only, but the car caused such a stir on the Beijing Auto Show that FAW decided some form of mass production might make sense. Debut date yet unknown but we do know the price: it will cost around 4 million yuan, that is 589.000 US dollar.
Hongqi presented three cars in its L-Series at Auto Shanghai 2013. The L9 and its short-wheelbase version L7 are derived from the Hongqi flagship, the HQE ceremonial car. Main engine option is FAW’s 6.0L V12 engine. The L9 sits on a 3900mm wheelbase, while the L7 has a shorter wheelbase of 3435mm. L5 is the shortest of all three cars and will probably be powered by V8.



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