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Hongqi L-Series (HQE)

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Chinese “Bentley” to debut next year, priced at $662,244

By Tony September 06 2007

Shanghai. September 6 ( –First Automotive Works (FAW) will release a super expensive luxury Hongqi sedan next year, according to a FAW dealer in Beijing.

The super luxury car, priced five million yuan ($662,244) and dubbed as Chinese Bentley, will be primarily used for senior level Chinese government officials and visiting foreign dignitaries.

The car has retained many traditional features of previous Hongqi sedans, while borrowing modern luxury designs and technologies from world top level luxury cars. In many aspects, it can compete with Bentley and Wilhelm Maybach.

The super luxury car will be sold in a limited number in Chinese market in the third quarter next year. The car will not be sold through FAW sales channels; instead, it will be sold directly from its manufacturer.

Sorry this news is a bit old, but I don't see any thread for this, so I start one.

Does anyone have any info or pics about this sedan ?
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Re: Hongqi HQE (Chinese Bentley)

HQE on sale for 8 Million RMB
From China Car Times:
The producers of the Hong Qi state limousine that Chairman Hu used at the 2009 review of the troops is set to be produced in limited numbers for civilian use, however the price is not for the common proletariat with the price tag a staggering 8 million RMB (1.17 million USD).

The interior of the HQE state limosuine is under going some civilian restructuring, however the V12 monster engine that was designed by FAW will be the same as the Chairman’s. The V12 engine, the CA12GV model has its cylinders at a 60° which helps it boost out 300Kw of power and a maximum torque of 550Nm, it is also the worlds first car to use twin ECU’s according to Chinese media reports. Apparently the sound proofing on the inside of the car is second to none, with it being practically sound proof, outside noise is unable to penetrate the cabin.

The price tag maybe high, but FAW are bound to sell quite a few of these. More news as we get it.
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