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Hongqi L-Series (HQE)

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Chinese “Bentley” to debut next year, priced at $662,244

By Tony September 06 2007

Shanghai. September 6 ( –First Automotive Works (FAW) will release a super expensive luxury Hongqi sedan next year, according to a FAW dealer in Beijing.

The super luxury car, priced five million yuan ($662,244) and dubbed as Chinese Bentley, will be primarily used for senior level Chinese government officials and visiting foreign dignitaries.

The car has retained many traditional features of previous Hongqi sedans, while borrowing modern luxury designs and technologies from world top level luxury cars. In many aspects, it can compete with Bentley and Wilhelm Maybach.

The super luxury car will be sold in a limited number in Chinese market in the third quarter next year. The car will not be sold through FAW sales channels; instead, it will be sold directly from its manufacturer.

Sorry this news is a bit old, but I don't see any thread for this, so I start one.

Does anyone have any info or pics about this sedan ?
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Re: Hongqi HQE (Chinese Bentley)

Yeah! I like it too, looks giant... Maybe it is a little slimillar to Rolls-Royces, but it has so many fascinating details. You can feel Mao's breath on it :-D
Re: Hongqi HQE (Chinese Bentley)

So this is going to be the version available to the public, right?

And this is the version the government officials are going to use?

By the way I had to sign up just to comment on this thread. This forum is chock-full of spam advertisements, so I expect my email address with get spammed. :mad: :mad: (Shitty overseas websites)
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Re: Hongqi HQE (Chinese Bentley)

Interesting, I just posted a reply to this but it never showed up. (šhitty overseas websites, I imagine. I expect my inbox to get spammed -- I had to sign up and jump through a bunch of hoops just to leave a god dam�n message on here.)

Anyway, here's my question. ^ This is the version of the car that will be available to the general public, right?

And this is the one for government officials, right?
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Hongqi presented three cars in its L-Series at Auto Shanghai 2013. The L9 and its short-wheelbase version L7 are derived from the Hongqi flagship, the HQE ceremonial car. Main engine option is FAW’s 6.0L V12 engine. The L9 sits on a 3900mm wheelbase, while the L7 has a shorter wheelbase of 3435mm. L5 is the shortest of all three cars and will probably be powered by V8.



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I like it more than Rolls-Royces, it has more classical charm, than RRS.
CA7600J "news-gathering vehicle" for state archivists:


Official illustrations of L7:

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Motor vehicle
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

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Another time, I'd like to have the car from China more than any widely known trademark. It's gorgeous and so rare. Any other colours besides black and blue? Mayby "Dubai White?"?

I haven't come across any pictures of a white L5/L7, only the LS5.

By the way, since no one's mentioned it, here is a new Hongqi limousine coming, codenamed N501, believed to be based on the current platform. I would expect this to be less expensive and targeted at a wider market, somewhat like the Ghost in the Rolls-Royce lineup.
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