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The history of Red Flag goes back to the 1950′s when the triumphant Mao set about building the new China, he ordered the then First Automobile Works (FAW) to set about making a sedan that was fit for a Chairman, FAW delivered and gave Mao the CA71 sedan which was Soviet based, and oddly under the Dongfeng name (Dongfeng was known as the Second Automobile Works at the time). Later on when FAW signed up with their friends at VAG group and starting producing Audi models, Hong Qi badges found their way onto Audi 80′s, and 100′s. Together, FAW and Audi worked certain China specific models, such as a certain fast back model that predates the current Audi A5 by several years. FAW also reached out to its joint venture partner in Toyota to bring out the CA7300N/CA7430N models , which were Toyota Crown based vehicles, another opportunity for FAW came in the form of the Lincoln Town car which then became the CA7460 limousine, but only a handful of these cars are still around and are very rarely seen strolling the streets.

From what we know so far, the below car is not Audi based but is aiming to compete with the A6 in terms quality, ride handling and performance.

From what we have learned, it appears that Porsche are assisting FAW with the interior design, and also more importantly the handling of the new sedan. The platform of this unknown sedan is self developed according to the Chinese automotive press, and Porsche are responsible for the ride quality, FAW are refering to it as the H-platform. Engine sizes are expected to follow the old Audi A6 designation and will come with 2.0T、2.5L、3.0L engines, FAW won’t be fitting any V12 engines of their own into this new sedan, but they will be installing their own self developed V6 block as soon as it is completed.

So why are FAW planning to build an Audi A6 beating sedan? Well, in recent years the government has come under a lot of pressure due to ministers at all levels favoring expensive luxury sedans from the likes of Audi and VW, by introducing a high end sedan that government ministers can be happy to be seen in, then FAW are clearly onto a winner.

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