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Hover at Dakar 2010

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great wall motor participate at most famous dakar rally, their drivers are mr.zhou which is most famous in china and quite expiriance mr.poncet from france, for now they are going quite good, after stage 3 they are at 54 place :thumb:
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thanks for the information mico

by the way, where did you get the news and pictures? i went to the dakar website but it was not posted there yet.

thank you
i got photos from chinese forums and russian friends, you can check result on the dakar website, simply click live/standings and check results from day before, they are always updated
wow i checked the site, and the hover is at number 42, and the first chery is at number 41, and the second chery is at number 43
now is even better, hover is 31, chery is 32 :)
Today I was on the website of Rally Dakar and while I checked the results I didn´t find the Hover on the list.
What happend with the Great Wall Team?
the drivers have some problems in the mountins, they stuck somewhere and need and spend lot of time to pass the area....improtant is that they are still in the race

all is ok...but they lost some they are at 59 place
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Thanks for the photos Mico! I was looking for them. :rolleyes:

I will go the 17th to the finish line :cool:
after stage 8 results is following:
1 303 SAINZ (ESP)
CRUZ (ESP) VOLKSWAGEN 31:28:13 00:00:00
3 305 MILLER (USA)
PITCHFORD (ZAF) VOLKSWAGEN 31:50:41 00:22:28

27 382 LU (CHN)
DI PERSIO (ITA) CHERY 51:38:32 20:10:19 - chery is doing good

36 383 JIANG (CHN)
BARTHOLOME (BEL) CHERY 57:31:14 26:03:01 04:02:00 , second chery also

42 389 ZHOU (CHN)
PONCET (FRA) GREAT WALL HOVER 59:56:40 28:28:27 08:00:00 , hover is near, but in last stage they some penalties

it's really nice to see how chinese vehicles are going on dakar :thumb:
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A very nice PHOTOS.Thanks for sharing the information with us.
So keep sharing!!! :)
I need to know the engine and how much horsepower have the hover racing dakar. If they have other details of welcome.
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