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many years ago, when I go home by bus, I saw a big guy, its catched my eyes. my eyes followed the guy, he looks very strong , steady ,safe and sex. I really like it. Y-E-S-IT IS MY LOVE ,NAME IS Great Wall (Motor ) FROM China.------- but then, I just a man of 18 years old . 7 years passed, now I am a real man. I got focus on Great Wall Motor again ! I GOT IT BY MYSELF HAND! REALLY COOL! Trust me , Great Wall Motor is the best in China Motor. most Chinese like Great Wall Motor , any highway and city you can find a larger numbers Great Wall Motor . we do like it! HOVER IS MY THE ONE!

She gives me satisfaction feeling! If you like it too, and you want take it in your country too, maybe you can contact me , and I can help you transport your love car to your sweet home.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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