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asdfzxcv said:
Making a car involves more than just assembly, and design and engineering process are first and formost!

And creating a car without passion would end up with efforts like lexus (competently assembled but no fun) at best and daewoo, hyundai, name your chinese cars here at worst.
You asked about people BUILDING cars (assembly workers) and then you changed it to design and engineering people. Putting a vehicle together takes absolutely no knowledge of how the product will work in the real world...all it takes is the ability to follow directions.

Engineering a vehicle or designing it takes more knowledge, and can you say that the people engineering or designing Chinese vehicles have no experience driving vehicles?

As for the Lexus design...they are perhaps the best vehicles ever built. Some of them may be boring to drive, but that's not their purpose. The Lexus LS and ES are comfort vehicles and aren't meant to appeal to people who enjoy spirited driving. There's a HUGE market for people who use a car as transportation...I'd venture to guess that more than half (probably more than 75%) of Americans...and probably LARGER numbers in many other countries...think of a car as transportation and that's it. It's not about great driving's about getting from here to there.

Lexus vehicles do that and very well. They are, without question, quiet and comfortable to drive. They have the highest build quality. They are not sports cars...nor were they designed to be.
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