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erik (laofan) said:
Dear Hazik, during my last visit to Chery (July) they told me that the average car worker at Chery gets 100 euro per month, a more specialist worker like a designer 200 euro. The parking lots at Chery are empty (only bicycles), that's why we started the discussion about this subject. Chery workers don't own cars, even the director of Chery's own design department told us that he couldn't afford a car.

Yes, Chery is a young company and it is still trying to survive in Chinese market although it is sucessful now to some degree. They do not have a good profit now and they need invest a great deal of money to further develop. You heard that Chery is planning to be listed ? Surely that is for money.

If you look at the employees (even shop level workers) in Shanghai-VW and Shang-GM, you will find something different. Most of them have their own cars. But I think both of them became sucessful because of low competition in last two decades.

Chinese demastice brands will be becoming stronger and stronger because of low cost and fast response to the market. Car manufactruing is not so sophisticed indeed. As long as you have a good apperance (you can buy from, e.g., Italy), good components (you can buy easily, e.g. from Bosch, Delphi) and a good quality control, you will be sucessful.
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