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superidler said:
Just much is the fuel in China? Also is there the price gap between different provinces?

And I heard from TV that kia had a difficulty with the low quailty fuel in china at the begining. If it's true, do people have a trouble with the imported 2nd cars?
I paid (I think) 4.79rmb per liter today. (less than 50 cents ?)

I filled the car up for just over 200rmb. ($24?)

My car has no problems with either no 93, or 97 oil. Although, I dont understand the difference between the different kind of gasolines that are on offer here - they have #90 (cheap) #93 and #97. I always go with 93 because the dealer said dont use anything less.

The garages also offer LPG and diesel.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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