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If there is E10, I do not know either. But as a trend, Brazil is on the top regarding alternatine fuels as it offers for more than 30 years the alcohol made from sugar cane as alternative to petrol. Nowadays Brazilian fleet is running 60% with engine with FLEX Technology. That means, the engine has only one calibration (epron) that can run with gasoline E22% (contains 22% of alcohol in the gasoline composition), or alcohol E100 (contains 100% of alcohol), or a mix of both. Note: in Brazil there is no pure gasoline (E0) as in all the rest of Latina America Countries.
However the technology FLEX already covers vehicles running with all kinds of available fuels. Fiat has the TetraFLEX, gasoline E0, gasoline E22, alcohol E100, and CNG/gas.
Curiously, China went to Brazil and bought 50% of the biggest alcohol refinery, and for what purpose ? Of course, land and labor is not the problem in China to grow farms and farms of sugar cane. Now having the alcohol technology, soon China will also offer FLEX engines as alternative to the expensive petrol.
Just some thoughts !!!
Take care you all.
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