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How will Chinese car names take off in America (and Europe)?

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I was just wondering, how do you think westerners will accept Chinese car names(brand wise)? I know we accepted Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, etc. , but they aren't from the same language. Plus some sound kind of silly to us (Geely, Gonow,etc.). Anyway, I'd like to hear what people think, because I can't decide. Oh, and another thing, what about Chinese characters written on the car (as on most Chinese cars). :cool: :cool: :cool: :confused:
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gr8 said:
how about China just nuke that tiny little japanese island as revenge???????
revenge? China killed many more of its own people during the cultural revolution(China est. 20 something million, Japan est. 1-2 million in all of Asia). Not that I'm trying to justify what the Japanese did, that was horrendous. But, the Chinese should nuke their government before they nuke Japan.:lol: :D Anyway, we're talking about Chinese cars, not Chinese politics.
Rock-N-Roll said:
Speaking of which, I'm selling my BMW due to the nazis, never buying a Renault due to French Pacifism, never buying a Toyota, Mazda or Nissan due to Pearl Harbor, forget the Ferrari due to Mussolini, Screw Rover, MG, Triumph due to English colonization, and forget my own countries brands for the way we treated Native Americans.

Anyone have a clue what I can drive now?

Nice to see everyone is in the eggnogg early........
Good Point. I guess you could buy South Korean, though they submitted into Japanese colonial rule. Gr8, Speaking about the cultural revolution in China is still a sensitive issue. I don't think concentration camps, or however the Chinese killed themselves is any better than what the Japanese did. At least the Japanese accomplished something, they helped develop Korea (though at a high cost to its population I will admit), all the Chinese did was kill the smart people and burn their history. Its true Japan needs to admit what they did, but China isn't the one to make them do it(try looking up tiannenmen square on Chinese google, you'll be lucky if something gets through). Its really ridiculous that we still have to talk about this 60 and 40ish years later, they both need to admit it and move on. Can we get back to the main subject?

Btw, remember this? Self-propelled artillery Tank Combat vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle
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I guess we'll get used to the names eventually, except for the wierd ones.
But, why are the Chinese coming anyway? To clog up a market with already too many competing brands with product thats at least a decade late? Why don't they just worry about China's growing needs until a decade from now when they will be on par with the west? I know, they're ambitious and all, but Isn't it better to wait and enter with world-class product at an unbeatable price and quality than to enter too early with a product that barely passes the regulations? I know, its sort of the whole purpose of this forum, "When are the Chinese coming?", but I think we should talk more about Chinese cars in China, and in the developing world, and then we could talk about their arrival as something thats farther off. Call me crazy, but I think they'res a lot of Chinese car companies that will decide to do exactly that, wait 5 or 10 years till they're really ready. Though, with the rising costs of producing in China, making cars in Viet Nam isn't such a bad idea. Just my opinion. :D :D
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