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How will Chinese car names take off in America (and Europe)?

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I was just wondering, how do you think westerners will accept Chinese car names(brand wise)? I know we accepted Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, etc. , but they aren't from the same language. Plus some sound kind of silly to us (Geely, Gonow,etc.). Anyway, I'd like to hear what people think, because I can't decide. Oh, and another thing, what about Chinese characters written on the car (as on most Chinese cars). :cool: :cool: :cool: :confused:
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now how old is she ?? 90 ? :D

back to the topic , I think these names should be changed :

Chery > Chevy , no ... might rename it to Cherena or something like that
Geely > Jilly > Jigili .. ... no .. this one has to be ditched completely
BYD > with a bmw logo and a B letter ... no ... should be something else .
Changan > Its ok and the logo is ok , but its hard to keep track of ...

The only name that sound well are :

Great Walls Motors ( English , refers to china and is quite matching thier suv/4x4 range )

Landwind ( Altho wierd but acceptable )

Maple ( Doesn't suit a luxury line lol , but its acceptable )
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