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How will Chinese car names take off in America (and Europe)?

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I was just wondering, how do you think westerners will accept Chinese car names(brand wise)? I know we accepted Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, etc. , but they aren't from the same language. Plus some sound kind of silly to us (Geely, Gonow,etc.). Anyway, I'd like to hear what people think, because I can't decide. Oh, and another thing, what about Chinese characters written on the car (as on most Chinese cars). :cool: :cool: :cool: :confused:
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Gonow is the worst as has been discussed elsewhere in Gonow section for varies reasons.

Rest of Chinese names are fine IMO.
BringIt said:
Had "Greatwall" produced a Ferrari beating supercar, people will know and look at it in awe and admiration.

100% doubt it, for one Great Wall Motors can only build rebadge re-engineered 1980s or late 1990s 4x4s & now modern Toyota's nowhere near supercar quality :D

Mercedes was Karl Benz's daughter, BMW = Barvarian Motor Works.

Audi is a good name its Latin for "listen" ;)
BringIt said:
man some of y'all are dense...

OF COURSE Great Wall can only make crappy knockoffs, we all know that, and people don't think highly of Great Wall because of it. Had someone come out with a supercar that rocks the Ferrari, and called it "Great Wall" or "ChangCheng" or whatever, people would take the name seriously.

Again, my point is, great products make the name, not the other way around.

And yes, I know Mercedes was Benz's kid, but it's still a girl's name, yes? I know a girl named Mercedes (a favorite name of strippers too ;) )

Barvarian is a location, yes?
Me dense :D I knew what you mean't ;)

Yep agreed on product over name & you knew about MB & Bavaria :)
Back On Topic Please :)

If you wish to continue Political Discussion start a thread in Off Topic Section ;)
Cheery said:
I thought Mercedes was the daughter of a car salesman, who ordered the first batch of such models from Benz. Not sure since I heard about it long time ago.
Your correct Cheery my mistake ;)

Mercedes Jellinek was the name of the daughter of the dealer who ordered the Benz cars :)
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