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Re: Huanghai CUV (Qisheng)

I don't think this is the CUV model Martin. But it does look like all new metal for Shuguang's Pickup King. I guess this replaces the old Plutus pickup with the Chevy style front end.
Thanks for the great photos.

erik (laofan) said:
I am sorry to say, Dragin, but it is shamelessly copied from KIA. As the Aurora is a Ssanyong copy....
Hi Laofan:
Thanks for that confirmation of Shuguang's disregard for IPR. As for the Aurora I had thought that it was a Fudi-based body that Shuguang had done some creative window and tailgate treatment to. In any case I guess those old crusty bodies are history now.
From the looks of it Beijing 2010 seems to be starting a new era of styling in China.
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