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Interesting forum you have here, I'm a Lowai living in Guangdong for the last 7 years. It's nice to see the China car market is as confusing and disorganized as the China motorcycle market. Thank god for forums :thumb:

After a bunch of research, I was thinking about purchasing the Huanghai SG Plutus Pickup Truck. It seems to be fairly well made, and definitely appears nicer than the other China trucks I have seen.

So my questions are:

#1 Does anybody have experience with the Plutus model and do you have any input regarding it's quality and price.

#2 Sometimes I see the truck listed with an automatic transmission, does anyone think it's possible to purchase a pickup in China with an automatic?

#3 What is the real story on registering a pickup in China? Will I be banned from roads like I am on my motorcycle. Is there some reason that a pickup truck can't be used like a normal car?

#4 Any opinions on the 4G64SM engine? It's the largest they seem to have for this truck.

Thanks for listening and I'm always open to ideas on other vehicles you may think are suitable.



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