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Hubei Huawei Automobile Manufacturing Co.

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Established in the 1950's, Hua-Win, originated as Huawei, is one of the first special vehicle manufacturers in China, with products ranging from dump trucks, fuel tankers, trailers, tippers and other special carriers. Equiped with excellent capabilities in production and R&D, the factory made more than 6, 000 units and in 2008, it sold over 7, 500 units, ranking top 5 in China.

In the end of 2008, Hua-Win becomes a subsidiary of SINOTRUK, the biggest heavy duty truck supplier in China, No 4 in the world. By firm technical support from SINOTRUK, Hua-Win is fully prepared to provide first-class service to its worldwide customers.

Huawei also produce trailers and specialised truck bodies.


8X4 dump truck

8X4 fuel truck

6X4 mineral dumper

10X6 dump truck


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Military Trucks:

6X6 cargo truck

4X4 cargo truck

Note: Trucks were advertised as SINOTRUCK but these were made by Huawei as it is a subisdary.


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