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Hunkt Saga (Zotye TS5)

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Production version of the concept car:

Dimensions (mm):
Length: 4586 Width: 1840 Height: 1618

Wheelbase (mm): 2700

Displacement (ml); Power (kw)
1481; 140
1499; 115

Source: MIIT


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Hunkt Saga

Now approved again as a Hunkt model. Specifications are more or less the same as published last year.

As for production, keeping my fingers crossed!

Source: MIIT.


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Is this Tie Niu and Zotye trying to remain afloat via the latest of offshoots, Hanlong Hunkt of Hebei?
Perhaps due to the organizational structure of the Tieniu group, these "associate" companies are sufficiently insulated, at least at this point in time, from being drawn into bankruptcy/restructuring/revitalization proceedings involving the core Zotye/Jiangnan cluster of companies. Zotye had suspended production from January but Hanteng and Dorcen were still active in June. Hanlong's production stats are not available, so I can't say about that company, although a few dozen units of Canticie are being sold regularly every month. However, as part of the same ecosystem, Zotye's woes will begin to affect these legally "at-arm's-length" offshoots eventually, given the mutual technological/financial interdependence (common suppliers, shared components, interlinked cash flows, etc.).
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