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Hybrid Citroën Elysée (project car?)

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Recently, @mercedes_560_sel on Instagram has posted these pictures of a hybrid Citroën Elysée in Jiading District, Shanghai.

The badges I see on the car are 登峰一号 (Dengfeng No. 1) and Step One, so it's possible Dengfeng is the brand and No.1/Step One is the model name.

Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive side marker light Tire Car

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Automotive side marker light

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Motor vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Automotive lighting

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive fuel system Automotive air manifold Automotive exterior

Product line:
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

I find this car super fascinating, and would love to see what other information I can find.
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I was with him.
It is at Jiading campus of Tongji University.
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