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Two days ago (23 October) I bought my first car: a Hyundai Scoupe, for € 1350. The car has driven only 45.411 kilometers (that's 28.217 miles) and is in a very good condition.

Some specs:

- 1.5L engine (1468 cc)
- Maximum power: 62 kW/84 hp
- 4-speed automatic transmission, electric windows, power steering, tachometer, trip meter, electric wing mirrors, folding wing mirrors, two tone paint, 14" alloy wheels


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Thanks for the compliments :thumb:

PowerAXEL said:
I had same one with 8 valve engine before they release 12 valve type
Indeed, the 12V was the facelifted Scoupe with a new front and rear design and a Hyundai engine, while this 8V engine was a Mitsubishi design.

In The Netherlands the Scoupe is also quite rare. The car was quite popular:

Sales figures (market share)
1990: 800 (0,16%)
1991: 1.552 (0,32%)
1992: 1.286 (0,26%)
1993: 927 (0,24%)
1994: 576 (0,13%)
1995: 238 (0,05%)
Total: 5.379

But the population of Scoupes is shrinking really fast:

Still registered:
1/1/2005: 3.150
1/1/2006: 2.145
1/1/2007: 1.748
1/1/2008: 1.143
1/1/2009: 950

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I can tell you really love your car because, for one reason, you've researched all this information out about it. Good for you, enjoy your car, I happen to think it's a pretty good looking older Hyundai model. But you know, I have owned two Kia's before and I am one who respects the S.Korean makers Kia and Hyundai quite a bit. I have personal experience with Kia and have followed both carmakers for years. I think you're gonna love your new ride, daewoo-chevrolet!
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