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Here is wat happens in an NCAP offset test with such an old car. Remember, when these cars were designed there was no offset test...

VW Golf 2 vs VW Beetle (classic beetle :) )

The result for the Golf2 was actually worse than the VW Beetle. This tells you that at that time VW really couldn't care less about safety other than passing the mandatory full width test for EU/US type approval. Yes, this car passed the US type approval test.

VW Golf 2 (same period as Audi 100)

Basically, you die. I'd rather take the QQ.

Here's the Beetle

And also remember: The current "old style Jetta" and various Chery cars are based on this Golf2/Seat Toledo design.
I sure hope they improved it for the windcloud/flagcloud.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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