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I need help urgently with buying china pickup

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I need urgent help as to if anyone knows or has done business with the following company Shanghai Anchi International Co,Ltd? I have been in dialogue with sales person who says they are from this company and are selling a 4x4 right hand drive pickup with luxury specs and diesel engine, model# MC1021 Z7. can anyone tell me if they know this company and if they can be trusted and if the pickups they sell are good quality? they adverstise on anchiglobal. please someone get back to me asap as I dont want to buy this vehicle and make a big mistake. what price should i be paying for a 4x4 right hand drive pickup with diesel engine?
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Retail price in domestic market
Translated version can obtained via
Thank you very, very much for that link. The info has helped me tremendously. I was thinking that this may have been a fake or made up brand for someone to cheat me out of my hard earned money but now i see they are letitimate business with good vehicles I will buy from them. Again thankyou for the link you posted I really appreciate it.
Please help me with this pickup purchase

Hello, I already sent a thread earlier about the Anchi brand and if anyone ever heard about it. I got a reply but I need more info urgently. I have chosen a pickup called MC1021Z7 which you can check out at triple double u dot anchi global dot com, If anyone knows of this Anchi brand and if their prodcucts are good quality please let me know asap. Also if there are particular products they make which have defects I would also like an update. The sales person said they were part of FAW, I would also like to know if this statement is true. In terms of quality can anyone tell me if Anchi pickup truck is close in quality to e.g. Great Wall Wingle? I look forward and thank you in advance for your help.
Thanks for the help. My pickup is on the way. I will give update on it's performance once i test it out.
It is good that you have decided for pickup trucks but in view you search more than take decision which will help you more to get a good pick up trucks .
Jahnavi, thank you very much for your help. I have been researching pickups for a very long time, actually the better part of 2009 was devoted to that. However, I needed a 4x4 pickup truck with diesel engine, right hand drive with luxuries and warranty at a great price and that is what I found. I am not sure how long it will last but at least for the first few years warranty will help. Thanks again and happy new year
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