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I Need urgent help with Anchi pickup purchase

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Hello, I already sent a thread earlier about the Anchi brand and if anyone ever heard about it... in particular a pickup called Z7 . I got a reply but I need more info urgently. I have chosen a pickup called MC1021Z7 - Z7 for short, which you can check out at triple double u dot anchi global dot com, If anyone knows of this Anchi brand and if their prodcucts are good quality please let me know asap. Also if there are particular products they make which have defects I would also like an update. The sales person said they were part of FAW, I would also like to know if this statement is true. In terms of quality can anyone tell me if Anchi pickup truck is close in quality to e.g. Great Wall Wingle? I look forward and thank you in advance for your help.
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Welcome Pedgboy,
No, I don't believe they are in any way connected to FAW. But they were affiliated with Harbin Hafei before ceasing production in 2003. Anhui Anchi is a little automaker at the very bottom of the pile. Now it is said that they are back in production since 2008 after being revived by Zhejiang Zhongneng. As for their pickups, I don't know about the Z7 specifically but I think they did produce a small number of Isuzu knockoffs.
The bottom line I guess is that any Anchi pickup is a far cry from those of the domestic leader Great Wall.
Thank you for the update Dragin. However please verify that this Anchi brand whose web site is triple double you dot anchi global dot com is a different auto maker to Anhui Anchi. Anchi people say they are not the same company. I need help verifying this, any suggestions?
No, they are not the same company but the production site in Anhui is the same. The company at the website you mention is the Import-Export company that represents the Zhongneng owners of the new Anchi.

And yes, you were right about the link to FAW. Zhongneng is affiliated with FAW which you will see also turns out identical Isuzu-based light trucks. These are made by a plethora of companies in China.

And if you look, somewhere you will find that there is another thread about the new Anchi here at CCF.

Thank you sooooooooo much for your help. You have been extremely helpful. I really can't express my thanks in words. I appreciate the time you spent educating a novice to the china market, like me. I have already paid for the MC1021Z7 pickup which I hope is good quality because not many companies I contacted had technology to produce the 4x4, right hand drive, diesel pickups. I will hope for the best with this pickup, that even if not up to great wall quality will give me a few good years on the road.
Hey Pedgy you are starting a business? Or its for personal use? Because I am interested in getting an ANCHI compact model. Idk what the deal is though.
Have you know any dealers ? I think from dealers you will get proper information go to this page Do the inquire from this dealers.
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