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mgrovernut said:
1.) Have a good brand name (not something that sounds stupid like Chery or Brilliant). Ideally just buy a defunct brand name. Plenty of good ones going spare like Triumph...

2.) Pass NCAP saftey tests. Fail this and no one will take the Chinese seriously. VERY important.

3.) Build reliable cars.

4.) In the short - medium term follow KIA's example and import car designers, engineers and stylists to get things right (other wise risk being like Proton)

5.) Don't take on the big boys at things like Hydrogen engines when designing a decent internal combustion engine is already difficult enough.

6.) Do offer long warranties (like KIA)

7.) Open some car factories outside China to keep the locals on side and to make sure that imports aren't restricted...

8.) Employ western sales and business development personel (American companies do this in reverse when entering new markets like China).

9.) When weak act like you are strong, when strong act like you are weak..
Agreed except 1 and 5.

1) Why not start your own brand? Even if you buy someone else's, consumers KNOW it's not the original brand, and you have to pay a handsome sum for the brand name. Not worth it.

5) ICE is so advanced these days, it will take forever to catch up. On the other hand, fuel cell, hybrids, etc. are at their infancy, it would probably be easier to catch up, don't you think?
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