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Import Hafei car

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We are a trading company in Vietnam. We would like to import Hafei car (7-8sites) for a project of vocationary school. We prefer model HFJ6371B.

Please advise us email address of Hafei motor and the price.

Pls contact us as followings:
An Dong Co., Ltd.
26/106 Xa Dan 2, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84-4-5735469 Fax: 84-4-5735475
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Attn: Le Tuyet (Ms)
Purchasing Manager

Kindly regards

Le Tuyet
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Why are you buying from Hafei, aren't they located in Harbin. That's as far from vietnam as you can get. You should buy from BYD, they are located in Shenzhen much closer to Vietnam.
I know. But our customer prefer model HFJ6371B of Hafei.
Could you gice me more information of Hafei motor manufaturer?
try contacting


Hafei Motor Co.,Ltd International Trade Dept ¡¡¡¡Address:1 Yantai Road Pingfang Dist Harbin China
¡¡¡¡Mr.Wangkun Mrs.Zhangyanping


Hafei Motor Sale Corporation
¡¡¡¡Address:274 Building youxie Street Pingfang Dist Harbin China
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do you know how much the hafei car?

My friend,could you tell me how much the car of hafei motor?

Thank you very much.
Sorry. I am looking for some models of Hafei motor. And I also need to know their price. If you can please let me know the price of model HFJ6371B?
Thank you
No, it's a van with 7-8 seats.
This is the model: Hafei HFJ6371 "Zhongyi". Designed by Italian firm Pininfarina.

4-cylinder 1051cc engine. Power 53hp (39kW). Maximum speed is 105km/h. Fuel consumption 5,5 l / 100km. Price is 32.000 - 55.300 yuan.
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Thanks Raul,

Please advise me the price you quote is C.I.F Huu Nghi Gate or F.O.B China?
I'm afraid I don't have the answers to your questions. I don't work for the company. Have you contacted Hafei company ? I'm sure they can tell you what the prices are.
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