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Tiggo said:
If I were Japanese I would be ashamed that Japan is worshipped by such an idiot.

Seriously, he does nothing but provoking shit, bashing everything Chinese, making groundless statedments.

For chrissake this is a serious forum and I do not think we should allow this kind of memeber to jeopardize the proper function of this forum.

Yes I do not like "Really I hate CHINA" either, but I do in a way respect his knowledge of automobiles and some of his posts are amongs the bests on thie forum, indeed, that's the reason RIHC should stay

However this GBJ is a pure joke and deserves to be banned, it is not that I cannot tolerate different opinions, I live in a democratic free country by US standards and I know very well what freedom of speech means, this guy is only causing troubles, he is a troll needed to be trashed.
u should ignore him, i think theres a function so it doesnt show any of his posts!
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