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Someone click that link...are you the real god_bless_japan? Do update us, though, please, as to where you've been and what you've been up to.

Oh, and Admin., thanks for the new '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS pic, that brings out the beauty of this new world order Lancer from Mitsubishi much better. Notice how it accents the front grille design better, and those cool little front valance flare-outs? Excellent!

BTW-the little picture to the left is Meggy May, our Chow Chow puppy, at about 2 months old. She's staring down at our 2 year old grey tabby cat, Matty. The Chow Chow's now 6 months old! She's a wonderful addition to our pet family. We have two tabby cats, an orange one(I finally got my orange tabby cat, I've wanted one for years and finally got around to getting one...his name is Casper and he loves to catch and eat birds here in our SE Arizona desert-landscaped yard)named Casper and a grey one named Matty. The orange one is bigger and more muscular than the grey one.

Then we have a 8 and a half year old Pomeranian dog named Rocky. He's the alpha dog in our pack. We also have a 4 and a half year old Pomeranian dog named Cotey. Wonderful watchdogs along with the Chow Chow. The Chow Chow is a stubborn canine..beautiful specimin of an animal. Absolutely gorgeous dogs, these Chow Chows. Our Chow Chow loves me very much, she would...ummm...kill for me, I think.

Don't take that the wrong way, I read about the Chow Chow breed that they are fiercily loyal to their Master. Well, it is very true! :nod:

Click on the .bmp link to see a Pom like our Alpha-Dog 8 1/2 y/o male Pomeranian. They are a delightful breed of dog to own, true lapdogs and also very loyal and loving, while keeping a measure of independence, of course!


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ash said:
long time godblessjapan

where have u been

im afraid to click the link

what is it
Hi, havent been here for a while, doing okay.

please do not be afraid of the link, anyway here is the same link

Its a chinese newpaper/media that did an article on India, i cannot read the chinese alphabets, but the pictures are amazing. have a look
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