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Another small SUV manufacturer. With existing lineup they have very uncertain future in my oppinion.

Huabei Automobile Co., Ltd is a large-scale enterprise with independent organs of development, assembly and sales of vehicles. With effects of all our employees in several years’ work, our products have been
covering all kind of complete light and heavy automobiles and moulds for manufacturing small, medium and big vehicles covering more than one hundred vehicle models. Huabei Auto is located in the triangle area bordering Beijing, Tianjing, Baoding, with facilitating in traffic and transportation. We have over 800 employees at the moment. Among them 100 people are engineers and technicians. We have CNC processing centre, stamping product processing center with more than 60 units of machines and equipments inclusive of 1600T stamping machines in the factory. Our auto manufacturing department possesses body welding line, body coating line, complete vehicle assembly line, test line and automatic inspection line, which realize a combination procession done in the same lines for many types of vehicle which measure up the different requirements of markets by well plan, well design and well set-up under our strict control. We were accredited ISO9000 in year 2001. Our automatic inspection line are composed with vehicle front light testing instrument, roller-style speed meter test equipment, fuliginous test meter, brake test equipment, emission test meter, axes (wheel) weight meter etc. Our strict quality control system and perfect quality control equipment guarantee the further improvement of quality of the products constantly.

During the passed several years, we have independently designed moulds and stamping parts for big and medium buses, MPVs, SUVs and Pickups and have become appointed suppliers of Shamen Golden Dragon Auato, Baoding Chengxin Auto, Zhongqi Buses in supply of moulds and stamping parts. Meanwhile we have designed and developed more than 500 sets of moulds for dozens of automobile group holdings such as FAW, Qingdao Auto, Geely Auto and so on. In order to boost the development we have build up an extreme close relationship with FAW in development of new type of moulds on automobile manufacture.

In 2003, within a short year, our buses, MPVs, SUVs and Pickups enter the markets rapidly both at home and abroad, covering new developed diesel vehicles, automatic transmission vehicles and 4x4 vehicles etc. Our MPV now is popular selling in more than twenty provinces in China and markets in Australia and so on. In 2004, we selected near dozens of technicians, with investment of RMB fifty Million Yuan, in development of a whole set moulds of Vehicle Model “Huabei-RV”. This model has been assembled and sold successfully in the market since the beginning of year 2005. In year 2006 we invested one hundred million Yuan in development of the forth generation of moulds for Model “Huabei-RV”. We have finished our strategic adjustment of products and set up a good solid foundation in the strong competitive markets. Hence we will measure up all kinds of needs of the markets.

With “Hand in hand. Heart with heart. Create a splendent future together” as our enterprise spirit and the markets as our guidance, we will have a developed, creative and challenged future. We will supply our customers with perfect products and excellent service.

Huabei SUV:

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