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Shandong Shifeng (SDSF) is one of the popular small agricultural truck manufacturers in China. Shifeng is also one of the biggest tractor producers in China. Also Diesel engines and truck tires are produced.

Capacity: 100 000 trucks, 300 000 tractors, 1 million three-wheeled trucks

Number of employees: 3000

Established: May 1993

Truck models:

- SF2310
- SF2810 / P/ PD
- SF5815 "Challenger"
- Century Star
- Lucky Star 480


- SF380
- TY-750


F2 or F3 ?


SF5815 "Challenger"



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Anyone knows "Chifeng"?

I live in Belgium Europe and came across a light pickup truck with a duoble wheel set in the back part. The pickup part has hydraulics. The bendor says its called a CHIFENG. I cna't find anything on the net. It's a four cylindre diesel.
See this link please: www-dot-kapaza-dot-be-slash-detail slash-popup.cfm?6420504.jpg

substitute the -dot- for a "." and the -slash- for a "/"
Thank you for helping me out here...

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Hindustan Motors started assembling Chinese trucks in India. The result - Hindustan Winner.

Hindustan Motors Winner Details

* Shandong Shifeng is the Chinese partner for HM in the mini-truck venture. This company manufactures vehicles from small cars to tractors in China. After visiting their website, we discovered that they had a Matiz clone in their line up of vehicles.

* There will be 1,000 units of the HM Winner produced monthly in initial stages from the Uttarpara plant in West Bengal. The manufacturing capacity will be increased further according to the demands.

* In a couple of months from now, we can also see a CNG Winner and some unspecified variants. The CNG Winner will be sold in New Delhi, which has a good infrastructure of CNG filling stations

* The chassis and cabin assembly of the were developed by Shandong Shifeng, while the engine and powertrain are from Hindustan Motors.

* The Winner will be priced under 4 lakh

* Hindustan Motors claims that comfort and noise, vibration and harshness levels are car-like in the Winner.

* 1489cc diesel engine producing 26.5 KW power and 73Nm torque driving through a 4-speed gear box, using disc front brakes and leaf springs.

* HM will launch two more variants of the mini-truck by March next year- IAB predicts that this should be a people carrier like the Tata Magic and in both hard top and soft top variants.


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