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SHANGHAI WANFENG, one of the myriad of pick-up producers in China. Wanfeng offers traditionally styled pick-up's and SUV's based on old tried platforms.


Company introduction from Wanfeng website:

"Shanghai Wanfeng Auto is a non-state-owned share company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of medium-high Pickup Truck and MPV(Multi-Purpose-Vehicle) under Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Group. It is located in Heqing Industrial Development Zone, Pudong, Shanghai , covering an area of 200,000 square meters. Established in June 2000, Shanghai Wanfeng adheres to the development strategy of “Overall Plan, Rolling Investment”, and has built up a market-oriented vehicle and engine manufacturing base in Shanghai .

Thanks to the support of Auto Group and our Research Center , and through the introduction of the latest manufacturing process and equipment, Shanghai Wanfeng now has the technological and financial strength to deliver a complete series of product to meet the market demand. On the product line are Single & Double Cabin Pickup, Carriage Truck, MPV(Multi-Purpose-Vehicle )and SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).

On February 23, 2003, Shanghai Wanfeng completed its Second-Phase Expansion Project in Pudong, and successful launched its new product (SUV), marking a new develop stage for the company. The design of our General Assembly Line adopts advanced manufacturing technology, with a planned annual capacity of 50,000 vehicles.

Shanghai Wanfeng has established a sale and service network with more than 200 sale & service centers throughout China . The on going project of Shanghai Wanfeng Auto Mono-Brand Store and the “4S” Sale & Service Store aims to provide Wanfeng customers with comprehensive, responsive and outstanding service.

In 2003, the company will adheres to the concept of “Market Orientation, Quality Assurance and Innovation Focus”. Utilizing the company culture, the operating system and the financial support of Wanfeng Auto Group, taking advantage of Shanghai geographical environment and auto industry, Shanghai Wanfeng will keep on introducing the latest technology worldwide to deliver more new products. Shanghai Wanfeng is to be the leading domestic automotive company through its belief of “Trustworthy Wanfeng and Multi-win Strategy”, and the company aims to earn the top reputation in the service competition through the establishment of a professional, standard, convenient and economic service network."

Wanfeng website:



- Shanghai Wanfeng is a relatively new manufacturer, the company was
founded in 2000

- capacity is about 20 000 cars / year

- goal is to produce 50 000 cars / year in near future

- in 2004, 12 000 cars produced

- in 2004 the whole model range redesigned

- two factories are manufacturing cars

- workforce is about 670 people

- a company in Switzerland is negotiating with the company for importing
Wanfeng products to Swiss market



Currently ten models are offered by Wanfeng. These are:

Single Pickup:

- SHK 1022 M (2000- )

Double Pickup:

- SHK 1024 AM
- SHK 1023 AM (2004- )
- SHK 1020 AF


- SHK 6520 M "Taiwei" (2004- )
- SHK 6471 M (2000- )


- SHK 6483 M - 04
- SHK 6483 M
- SHK 6520 M
- SHK 6481 M



SHK 1020 AF

SHK 6520 M

SHK 6483 M - 04

SHK 1024 AM / AF

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Yes, the bodies are made by Fudi. Check my "Fudi" thread :nod:
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