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Taizhou Zhongneng Auto Co., Ltd is the fifth subsidiary of Zhejiang Zhongneng Industry Group. It was established in 2003. The company has about 1100 employees: of which over 150 are professional technicians.

"In 2003 the group started to co-operate with China First Automobile Work-Harbin Light Automobile Factory and set up Taizhou Zhongneng Automobile Co.,Ltd . on the basis of both parties' advantage at funds and technology. Taizhou Zhongneng Automobile Co., Ltd mainly manufactures SUV and Pickup series products. Its first-phase complete vehicle project with an annual capacity of 20,000 automobiles wad completed and put into use in 2003. As Zhejiang provincial B-grade key project, the company's second-phase project, with the investment of 480 million RMB and covering an area of 180 mu , has already started . Its designed annual capacity is 0.1 million sets of SUV bodies and 30,000 SUVs and Pickups . The project is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of year 2006."

Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang



- CA6460 (Land Cruiser copy)
- CA6460 "SUV 06"
- CA6480 "SUV 05"
- CA1021 Pick-up (3 different styles)

Fudi delivers chassis for these cars.


CA6460 "SUV 06". Latest model from Zhongneng

CA6460. A typical Land Cruiser copy.


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CA1021 "Isuzu face"

CA1021 "Land Cruiser face"


small picture of interesting "police inspecting wagon" based on CA6460 "06"

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Faw Ca6480p6e SUV

FAW gives SUV an American make over!

From the grainy pictures below, you may be able to make out a new front end on the FAW CA6480P6E SUV. We’re not sure why FAW likes to use a serial number instead of a name, after all, who can remember CA6480P6E?

The new SUV is surely inspired by the Chevrolet Colorado front end style of recent years, which Dandong ShuGuang have also borrowed for their most excellent looking pick up truck.

The two SUV’s are available in long wheel base, and short wheel base form with both diesel and gasoline engines available. The gasoline engine is a Euro 2/3 spec 2.0l engine (73.5kw/5000rpm) from Xinhua, and the diesel engine is 2.7l model (68kw at an unknown RPM)

Long wheel base vehicle:

Short wheel:

From China car Times

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Re: Faw Ca6480p6e SUV

Thank you Eric. I see there that the long wheelbase is available, but just not with that brawny Chevy Colorado nose.

It's really interesting to see how widespread is FAW's presence, with production bases that build these pickups and SUV's way down in Taizhou, Zhejiang, in the Zhongneng/Bengnung motorcycle company.
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