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"The Wuhu Special Works company was set up in 1992 and produced various minivans and pick-up trucks. In 2002 it was renamed to Anhui Tongbao Automobile Co and currently two minivan models are being produced under the Tongbao brand. In November, 2003 a new cooperation was announced with Changan on the development of a new series of minivans. In December, 2004 the company was taken over by the Chongqing Zongshen Motorcycle Group. Zongshen is a private motorcycle factory, which is also active in producing minicar engines."

"ChongQing-based ZongShen Industry Group was founded in 1992, and now is composed of 52 totally invested or holding subsidiaries(including holding listed companies). As one of the Chinese 500 largest companies in terms of economic performance, ZongShen Group always cherishes the concept of "Talent, Honest, Efficienary and Innovation ", and implements the development strategy of "Related Diversification within Thermodynamic Machinery Industry ". Its total assets has exceeded 4 billion yuan, which formed solid basis for the future rapid development.

AnHui ZongShen Automobile Manufacture Co. Ltd. as a holding subsidiary of the Group has been established in Dec. 2004, by agreeing to take over AnHui TongBao Automobile Manufacture Co. Ltd. . This agreement is one way to spur cooperation and share management know-how, and also means ZongShen Group has made an aggressive push into motor-dom. The company will realize rapid expansion through capital injections.

ZongShen Automobile owns the band of "TongBao", which has been awarded "ccc" Quality Identification. The company also has operated a quality management system which complies the requirement of ISO9001-2000. Its main product line include pressing, jointing, spraying and assembling, which are under processing control. Now ZongShen Automobile has made reorganization and innovation so as to promote its core competitive capacity. Its technological innovation plans are on the front burner and highlights the importance of practical uses. The company times new model cars to come out at this year. It will has an annual production capacity of 50,000 sets.
It is commonly known that actively pursuing innovation will increase initiative, leadership, sense of competence and adaptability. ZongShen Automobile is walking steadily towards the success of a scientific innovation enterprise."





1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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