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Good day everyone got a 2nd hand Soyat Junda recently. Pic attached.

Have seen many similar SUVs through the web. Know very little about my car actually. There are many similar SUVs, with many different brands/names which use 4y (491q) based engines.

Just looking for information on the car for future repairs and such.

Manuals or something related would be much appreciated.

Other than that, where do all these similar SUVs come from, which was first, is it based off of Isuzu or the Pajero. Pretty much any info would be appreciated.

What I have done to my Soyat Junda:

Steering was gone pretty much. Had the bushes and pinions replaced. Then had a new clutch sleeve kit put in(no one bothered to tell me what parts were used exactly.) Then I had a steering box overhaul, the guys who did it used isuzu and toyota parts(Again no one bothered to tell me if it was seals or what).

At the moment: Steering too loose after all that, hoping they just forgot to adjust the worm gear or something. Will take it back as soon as I can find time. And going to send her in for a Major Service soon. Also I am not driving her around at the moment till I feel it is all good and have insurance sorted.


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Here are the specs, if you wanna know them:
Soyat·Junda SUV Configuration Table (Gasoline)
Basic Parameters
Code NJ6471FET
Model Practical
Engine Parameters
Engine model 491Q
Engine type Inline 4-cylinder,water-cooling, multipoint injection engine
Displacement (ml) 2237
Max. power(kw) 76
Max. output torque (Nm/rpm) 193/2200-2800
Type of gearbox Mechanic manual 5-gear
Quality & Dimensions
Total mass (kg) 2200
L/W/H (no load)(mm) 5070/1800/1855(1870)
Wheel base (mm) 3025
Wheel tread (front/rear)(mm) 1455/1470
Min. clearance to ground (full load)(mm) 180
Min. turning diameter (m) ≤11
Oil tank capacity (L) 53
Tyre model 215/75R15
Number of doors 5
Number of passengers 7
Fuel Economy
Highest speed (km/h) >120
Constant speed fuel consumption (L/100km) ≤8
Emission standard Euro II
Universal Configuration
Adjustable front seat ●
Front seat pillow ●
Front seat 3-point safety belt ●
Combined full reflecting headlight ●
Power steering ●
Electronic combined instrument ●
Strong environment friendly cooling/heating A/C ●
Special condiguration
Hi-Fi vehicle CD ●
Al alloy rim ●
Central controlled door lock ●
Electric window ●
Chromeplated handle ●
Adjustable steering column ●
Concealed antenna ●
Roof A/C ●
Rear window wiper ●
Rear window defroster ●
Electric rear mirror ●
Leather lining seat ●
Imitated peach wood inner decoration ●
Vehicle body color strips ●
Reversal radar ○
Video CD player ○
Electronic-adjusted A/C ○
Note:“●” indicates fixed configuration; “○” with option; “×” without option

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In addition I have a problem with my car cutting off the engine.

Can you imagine the situation as it also happens when I am driving on the freeway at 120km/h at peak traffic?

I removed part of the immobilizer and everything was OK for about a year or two and now I am back to the same problem mentioned above.

I want to remove the system completely.

My research indicates that there are switches activated by the immobilizer system when you want to start the car

Does anyone know where these switches are or can someone help me with a wiring diagram for this car?

I want to remove these switches as well so that my car can start directly like the old cars without today's complicated electronics


Pictures or precise descriptions of switch locations will

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I removed part of the immobilizer and ... I want to remove the system completely.
This forum will not advise somebody on removal of a security feature on a vehicle, and as mod, I shall request other members of this forum not to entertain this question. If the poster has a genuine problem, please take your vehicle to a reputed mechanic experienced in Toyota or Isuzu pickup truck systems.

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