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Introduction of chinese cars in pakistan market and problems

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China have great human resource and closest country to pakistan have very small market share in cars. There are few reasons that are responsible for this loss.
  1. after sale services
  2. prices
  3. introductions to chinese car manufacturers
we know that toyota and suzuki are major market share holders and even in monopoly because they have strong after sales services network whereas china do not have it.
The prices of chinese cars are not known to pakistani people.
Pakistani people are even not informed the brands of car and chinese manufacturers.

1. Brief introduction of car brands
2. Price comparison
3. About 100 cars of different manufacturers must show on pakistani roads so that many people can see these cars and desire for purchasing these cars grow.

Tallat khattak
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Will you be providing the information then? I think that the introduction of car brands is universal and applies to more than one country.
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