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The first sign of trouble for Ardmore was when Duke Hale bailed out. The supposed reason was said to be over the small volume planned at Ardmore but we knew there had to be more. Until now no replacement has been named.

And how did a quality guy like Stowe even get near the media? Who's sailing this ship anyway....the deck hands?

NAC financial backing challenges are nothing new. Amoi Electronics bailed out of its Junda Auto subsidiary's project to build SUV's. Then Junda was absorbed into NAC's Wuxi Auto Body's Soyat sedan project but its investor, the Bird Electronics giant, bailed out of it and now I don't think the subsidiary is even on the map anymore.

And now Fiat, while struggling to stay afloat in China with the NAC's Nanya Joint Venture, is apparently making overtures to Chery to do more than just build engines for its cars.

Having said all of this I do hope for Armore's sake, that the reports are dead wrong, and that Iveco and Wanxiang's reasons for investing in NAC are well thought out.
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