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This is from The Daily Ardmoreite yesterday:

Breaking News: Oklahoma Global Motors responds to NPR report
Radio statement about MG plans in Oklahoma denied

Sheila J. Robinson
Staff Writer
Web posted March 28, 2007
Marc Nuttle issued a statement saying the individual who spoke with National Public Radio (NPR) early Wednesday is not a senior member of the team working with Oklahoma Global Motors and is not currently involved in moving the project forward.

An employee of Nanjing Auto Corporation in China had stated on NPR, "there are no more plans for the Oklahoma plant" and that he didn't believe "there was anything on the table for Oklahoma at the moment."
"I have just returned from a week in Nanjing, meeting with Nanjing Auto (Group) Corporation (NAC) officials for the purpose of finalizing an agreement for the assembly of MG automobiles in Ardmore," Nuttle, Oklahoma Global Motors LLC said. "Our business plan remains on schedule to finalize these agreements. We are in the process now of completing all due diligence."
Representatives from NAC MG in the United Kingdom have confirmed that the statement on NPR was not an official announcement by the company and reflected the speakers's own opinion and not that of management.
"Oklahoma Global Motors appreciates the support of the State of Oklahoma, Ardmore Development Authority and Greater Oklahoma City Chamber as we continue to work on our plan to bring MG to Oklahoma," Nuttle said. "This is a complicated project, with individuals and companies on three continents, a foreign government and a former company in bankruptcy. There are many details to work through and issues to be resolved, but we are committed to the project and will continue ongoing discussions with all parties involved."
Radio statement about MG plans in Oklahoma denied
A report on National Public Radio (NPR) Wednesday morning saying MG plans in Oklahoma have been scrapped is being denied by an official spokesperson.
"As far as I can determine, the rumor started with an unauthorized and inaccurate statement that ran on NPR quoting Paul Stowe, who is manager of product quality -- not an official spokesperson for NAC -- and therefore not in a position to make official statements about NAC's strategic plans concerning the Oklahoma situation," Kim Custer, manager of public relations for NAC MG.
Custer sent an e-mail from Birmingham England saying, "It is not true. Negotiations continue as far as I can determine."
Paul Stowe told National Public Radio it was his understanding there are no more plans for the Oklahoma plant. "We are discussing possible ventures in America in the future, but I don't believe there is anything on the table at the moment with Oklahoma."
The Oklahoma City Chamber was skeptical that Stowe was acting in any official capacity, according to Christine Berney. "We don't think he is an official," she said.
Nanjing Motor Corporation has been working with attorneys to perfect the title for MG motors, according to Wes Stucky, president and CEO Ardmore
Development Authority. He met with Marc Nuttle, controlling officer and managing member of Oklahoma Global Motors on Tuesday afternoon. Nuttle is also an attorney in Norman.
"He had just returned from China," Stucky said. "He and the attorneys are trying to perfect the title. That's been an issue. Nanjing bought MG in bankruptcy. When you buy something in bankruptcy it's buyer beware. Nanjing doesn't quite understand that. Something that has to be done is to perfect the title. That's something Marc and the attorneys are working on."
As part of the global plan for MG, cars were rolling off the assembly line in Nanjing China on Tuesday.
Nanjing's fully automated welding and assembly line permits production of multiple models using equipment from Longbridge, England. New MG models launched this month include an MG7 saloon series and the MG TF sports car.
The MG is expected to appeal to China's middle and high-end market sectors.
The United Kingdom will be the company's center for research and development, according to NAC-MG chairman Jian Wei Yu, and China will be the company's main production center. MG has already exported its first batch of parts to Europe and started production of the first N4 engines.
Despite Nanjing Auto's role in rescuing the MG Rover, recent state media reports said the company is now struggling to raise financing from local banks.
NAC's chairman Wang Haoliang presented a proposal to China's national legislature seeking "policy support" for a loan worth up to 3 billion yuan, or $258 million, for its expansion, according to the state-owned newspaper Shanghai Securities News.
The Association Press contributed to this report.
Sheila J. Robinson, 221-6536
[email protected]
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