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GreenTech Automotive, an American manufacturer of all-electric vehicles, and JAC Motors, a leading Chinese automotive manufacturer, announced during the Shanghai auto show a strategic partnership that will include the development of a five-passenger, all-electric sedan to be assembled in the United States.

Both companies said the sedan will combine JAC’s Rejoice vehicle platform with GreenTech Automotive’s (GTA) electric powertrain and battery management system.

The sedan will feature a 19 kilowatt-hour battery, good according to the consortium for a range of over 100 miles on a single charge; charge time should be between 6 and 8 hours.

GTA said it will assemble the vehicles in its Horn Lake, Miss., facility for distribution in North America exclusively beginning in late-2013. After a pilot assembly of 2,000 vehicles, GTA plans to establish another assembly facility for the sedan and expects to create 200 additional jobs in the United States.

“JAC is recognized worldwide for the caliber and quality of its manufacturing. GTA’s innovative electric powertrain is a perfect fit for JAC’s EV platform, which has won numerous national awards in China,” said Charles Wang, Chairman and CEO, GreenTech Automotive. “Our meetings clearly revealed that there was good synergy between the JAC platforms and our technology and both companies immediately understood that a strategic partnership is in each company’s best interest.”

The agreement to create this new EV sedan was finalized in March and announced this week at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

“The GTA partnership is of great significance to JAC,” said Jing An, chairman and CEO, JAC. “GTA has quickly proven its adeptness with a proven advanced technology and expertise as an EV developer with a growing distribution network. We believe this partnership represents a win-win for both our companies.”

JAC stated on its website news section about the signature of this agreement “that the price of an IEV 3 electric vehicle exported to the US in this time is about 20,000 USD.”

GreenTech Automotive homepage:

Currently they are building MyCar developed by EuAuto Technology from Hong Kong

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