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JAC J7 (Bingyue)

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Jianghuai aims to extend its vehicle family
Jin Jing
JIANGHUAI Automobile Co Ltd, one of China's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, expects its accelerated development of passenger cars will help maintain its competitiveness.

The Anhui-based company said it had developed 10 passenger car models already and would launch mid-to-high sedans, a compact model as well as sports utility vehicles starting from next year after getting government approval.

The company produces only one passenger model, a multi-purpose vehicle called the Refine, which contributed to more than 70 percent of its sales last year. The model was the first Chinese car to break into the European market.

The company, the nation's ninth-biggest carmaker, maintained a more than 50 percent profit growth last year despite fierce competition in China.

However, fueled by rising incomes, China's passenger car market has experienced faster development compared to commercial vehicles, which were affected by tightened macro control.

"Our quick expansion would be limited if we didn't actively drive into the booming passenger car market now," said Li Jianhua, deputy general manager of the marketing division of Jianghuai Automobile Sales Co Ltd.

Zuo Yan'an, president of Jianghuai said earlier the company aims to achieve a 10 to 20 percent sales growth over the next five years.

The Shanghai-listed company said its under-construction manufacturing plant will be able to turn out 50,000 units annually after its completion in October.

The total investment was estimated at about 1.8 billion yuan (US$225 million).
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If they use styling similar to what was shown on the Vision concept and focus on quality they will prosper. However if the styling is too conservative and derivative without being inconspicuous they will fail. Please manufacture the VISION concept Jainghuai!!!! :D
OMG that is a complete copy of the Zhonghua (check out the side profile and door shapes) with obvious Buick Lacrosse styling influences

Is Zhonghua in business with Jianghuai? Because if it isnt this the second time Zhonghua is being ripped off by another Chinese manufacturer, first being with the BYD F6.
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lol!! the zhonghua is the model car of all others :eek:
JACs first E-segment sedan C926

The first C-segment sedan from JAC: C926

JACs debut as carmaker on Shanghai auto show this year was with a big bang: As first model, the company plans to launch an E-segment car with the code name C926. But is expected that JAC shall sell the car under a new, yet to be created, brand name.

Dimensionally, the car is the size of a European E-sector car such as the Mercedes E-Class, but aesthetically it shares more with the previous generation Mercedes S-Class, especially at the rear. Its doors and body panels evoke the previous-generation Volkswagen Passat, while the front aspect bears resemblance to a Lexus LS430.

The car is expected to go on sale in October and compete directly with the BYD F6 and the Ital-designed (and Pininfarina-facelifted) Brilliance BS6.

JAC are unique as a Chinese car company in having a European-based design studio. We understand this to mean that this model will likely be their first and last derivative design before they begin producing their own original designs.

The sketches from its Italian studio displayed on the stand are further evidence of JAC's greater commitment to car design over its other Chinese car company rivals.

Exterior Dimension
Overall length(mm): 4830
Overall Width(mm): 1820
Overall Height(mm): 1424
Tread Front/Rear(mm) : 1575/1560
Wheelbase(mm): 2797
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm): 130
Minimum Turning Diameter(m): 11.2/12.2
Tyre size: 205/55 R16 91V
Fuel tank capacity(L) : 65

Type 2.4MT 2.0MT 2.0AT
Engine 2.4L NA 2.4LCBR/2.4L NA 2.0L MIVEC
Transmission5MT MT4 AT

Safety Mode Features:

Dual front-seat airbags
Safety system for children on backdoors
Front-seat height adjustable seat-belt pretensioner seat belts
Back-seat three-point safety belt, Two-point safety belt for middle rear seat
Height adjustable, anti-crash energy-absorbing steering column
Electric power outside rear view mirror  
Intellect central lock
LED high-mounted stop lamps
Anti-theft engine system
Body anti-theft system
Automatic window closing
Automatic locking
Intellect digital reverse radar
Remote-control power windows
Automatic light-adjusting integrated front lights

Comfort Mode Features:

Cruise control button on Steering wheel
Audio control button on Steering wheel
Backlit ignition lock
8-way power front seat
4-way power front seat head rest
Leather steering wheel
Rear window inbuilt reticular antenna
Multi-Disc DVD
MP3 player (with USB)
External temperature gauge
Front seat visor mirrors
Sunroof (gliding and roll-over)
Storage box illuminating light
Front seats pedestal illuminating light
Boot illuminating light
Power boot lid
Flexible net storage room at the back of the seat
Arm rest in the middle of front seats with cup holder
Glare-proof interior rear view mirror
Hideaway overhead glasses case with damping system
Front and back 12V power socket

The above mentioned specifications has been translated from the Chinese sales brochure distributed during the Shanghai exhibition.

Any comments about JAC's ambition to enter car market with an (European type) E-segment car?


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Here are some more pictures including interior's.

The Jiangjun Sedan that we have spoken about earlier this year is practically ready for sales, and Jiangjun are aiming to put the car on the market in September this year. JAC boasts that the car is a true ‘global car’ with the car being designed in Italy, the engine components from Japan and all the other stuff from various other countries. This sedan will come with either a 2.0, or a 2.4 liter engine, we’re unsure which engine, but we can guess that its one of the Mitsubishi supplied engines that are often found in Chinese cars as the manufactures lack the technology to make their own engines at the moment. This sedan, we should really mention its name, the ‘Bing Yue’ will cost from 90,000 to 100,000rmb from September 2007 onwards
Interior looks really cheap.
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Its definitely got abit of everything as mentioned above.

I look forward to seeing their fresh clean sheet design.

As for the above its ok not worldwide good but so close ;)
gauges look sporty. doesn't quite match the large car, but it looks nice.
JAC’s first sedan rolls off assembly line, hoping to sell 30,000 in first year.

January 21 ( – Jianghuai Auto, one of China’s largest commercial vehicle makers, produced its first sedan vehicle last week.

The B class sedan named Bingyue, which was first released at Guangzhou Auto Show in November last year, is priced at RMB 107,700-131,700 yuan ($14,753-$18,000) in China’s domestic market.

The volume production of Bineyue sedan vehicles signals JAC, traditionally a commercial vehicle maker, has official branched out into China’s fast growing sedan market.

"Over the past two months, we’ve received orders of 1,500 Bingyue vehicles,” said Yan Gang, general manager of JAC’s sales unit. “We expect to sell 30,000 Bingyue vehicles in the first year.”

"This target is a formidable challenge for us,” Yan said. “First of all, we’re a new comer in sedan market; second, China’s sedan market is becoming increasingly heated in competition; and in addition, a complete sales network has yet to build.”

With a total investment of RMB 1.8 billion (USD 246.57 million), JAC now has built four sedan production platforms, covering C class, B class, A class and A0 class segments. These four platforms will produce sedans powered by 1.1 Liter, 1.3 Liter, 1.5 liter and 2.4 liter displacement engines.

In the coming six years, JAC will launch one or two sedan models in Chinese market every year, Yan said.

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The JAC Bin Yue 2.0 Auto model will be launched in September 2008, this time with the option of a 2.0l engine paired to an automatic transmission.

The Bin Yue’s engine is of Mitsubishi stock, and meets Chinese 5 emissions standards. The engine is a 4 cylinder, 16v model sporting MIVEC technology.

The Bin Yue has twin airbags, as well as ABS and EBD, and various BOSCH supplied parts. Sales figures for the 2.0 Manual Binyue from Jan to July 2008 stand at a respectable 6500 units, with the addition of an automatic gearbox JAC are likely to appeal to an even wider audience, and we can expect the Binyue to double its sales in the next half. Pricing of the autobox Binyue is currently unknown, but CCT can guess around the 120,000rmb marker and rising.

source: China Car Times
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