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JAC Refine S2mini discontinued?

It appears that the S2mini has been quietly discontinued although officially there is no word on it. Forumers are discussing that dealers are no longer taking orders but some vehicles are available off the lots at a steep discount and billed as second-hand cars.

I checked the MIIT database and Autohome's dealers' listings. The vehicle is mentioned as "in stock" as well as NDRC type-approval is still valid.

Unfortunately, S2mini figures are bunched with S2 statistics, so nothing can be inferred from sales/production data. The production of iEV7E (EV version of S2mini) has just begun in December, so I wonder if dealers (and the company) are preparing for a shift to the electric model, given the government's strong emphasis on raising EV sales.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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