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oo4load said:
Nissan and Mazda hardly qualify as Japanese cars, basically they sell modified Peugeots/Fords.
I wouldn't want one even if they were for free :D
Okay first of all, Nissan is affiliated with Renault, not Peugeot, and though some of their cars are on shared platforms, they still are quite different from
Renault's models. Second of all, though Ford has (a lot of)stock in Mazda,\
Mazda is still independant , contrary to popular belief. Also, though it wasn't true in the 90's, nowadays, Mazda's cars are quite unique, in fact they're so good, Ford's decided to use the Mazda6 platform on its own cars (and Mazda used the Ford Focus/Volvo S40 Platform for the Mazda3). Platform sharing and badge-engineering are two different things.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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