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The annual JD Power IQS results were released October 29,2010

FAW Tianjin Xiali, which appeared as early as 2005, remains on the list after falling off in 2006 and

Hafei's Minyi minivan's inclusion (for two years in a row) indicate that Chang'an made a good choice when it acquired Harbin Hafei.

BenBen's ascendance to the list seems to show that Chang'an has already taken a cue from its new Hafei subsidiary.

Benben toppled Chery's QQ3 from the list, while the company saw its other remaining model, the QQ6 also nudged off by the Suzuki Swift and SGM Sail in the Premium Compact Segment.

Good to see FAW's Besturn back on the list again this year, after falling off last year. Once again this year it had less than 1.5 defects per vehicle in a 100 car sampling.
And for the first time, BYD made the list with the F6 joining Besturn in the Lower Premium Midsize Segment.

Well now that Geely has some objective quality input from its Volvo partners, perhaps it will make the list next year. Any bets?
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