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Jetour X70 SUV (Karry X70)

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New SUV will probably be based on previous generation Chery Tiggo 5 and powered by 1.5 turbo engine

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Jator X70 on the way to the Iranian car market

Jator X70 will be the newest Chinese product in the Iranian market.
Jetour is in fact one of the subsidiaries of Chery Company, which will experience its first presence in the Iranian market with the X70 crossover.

The remarkable thing about the Jator X70 is that it comes in many different versions. This crossover was first introduced in 2018 with two base and S trims, which differ in the type of rims, front bumper, windshield, headlight bowl and cabin design. The 2019 Jetor X70 experienced a light facelift, and with a short distance, the coupe version was introduced with a sportier look.

But 2019 did not end there for the Chinese crossover, as the manufacturer also introduced an electric version based on the S trim. However, the unfamiliar Chinese thirst for multiple versions of the Jator X70 did not end, and in March 2020, an M-extension, which was actually an updated version of the 2018 model, was unveiled as the cheapest version of the Jator X70.

Probably the biggest strength of Jator X70 is its relatively attractive design. At first glance, the X70 Jotor and the broken design lines on its body, you will easily notice its oriental design; But unlike many Chinese products, the use of broken lines by Jator X70 designers is not an exaggeration, and a good fit is created between the various appearance features; For this reason, the face of Jator X70 looks attractive and acceptable from all angles.

The J70 X70 will most likely be offered to Iranian customers with a 1.5-liter turbo engine capable of producing 156 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque; The task of transferring propulsion power to the wheels will probably be the responsibility of a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Possible push-button starter, panoramic roof, automatic air conditioning, light and rain sensors, 6 airbags, electric parking brake, crash prevention radar and digital odometer are some of the possible features of Jator X70.

We do not yet have accurate and noteworthy information about the details of the launch of the Jator X70, so we can not comment on it, but given that different versions of the Jotor X70 in the local market are priced between 70 to 123 thousand yuan, cars such as Dignity, Tivoli , Chery Tigo 7 and Jack X7 are among the new Chinese competitors in the price range of 700 to 900 million Tomans in Iran.
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