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Not long ago, the new CEO of Bahman Motor Group announced that soon one of the newest products of this company from the Fidelity family named "Fidelity Prestige" will be released to the Iranian market.

This car is originally called the Jetour X70 Plus, which is the facelifted version of the Jetour X70 and is known as Fidelity Prime in Iran, which was well received. The Jetor brand is one of the subsets of the Chinese company Chery and has the task of producing products with a new and independent identity that offers a higher level of quality, comfort and facilities to customers. The Chery company is one of the most famous and popular Chinese companies, whose products have been introduced to the Iranian market by car managers in the last few years and has been able to achieve a good level of sales in the Iranian market.

Fidelity Prime or Jetor X70 is the first product of the Jetor brand that came to the Iranian market by Bahman Group and it was able to experience very good sales in a short period of time due to its competitive price, good comfort and safety facilities, and beautiful appearance. This car is available in Iran market in 5 and 7 seater versions. Now, Bahman Group has decided to release the facelift version of this car, which is a serious competitor for other cars, especially Chinese cars of this class, in the Iranian market, with more and more luxurious facilities, more modern appearance and larger dimensions.
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