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While the VS7, Tarraco, Kodiaq, Tayron and Tiguan L/Allspace all utilize the MQB-A2 base, the length and wheelbase of the VS7 (4600 mm, 2730 mm provisionally) approach the metrics of the Tayron (4589-4595 mm, 2731 mm) rather than those of the Tarraco (4735 mm, 2790 mm). The Kodiaq and Tiguan L too share the longer chassis with a 2791 mm WB.

The width of the VS7 (1841 mm provisionally) matches those of the VS5 and Ateca, and is close to that of the Tarraco and Tiguan L (1839 mm). The Tayron and Kodiaq are a little wider (1860 and 1883 mm).

Jetta being a budget brand, to reduce manufacturing cost, some of the tooling is shared between the VS5 and VS7, resulting in a common structure up to the B-pillar. Hence, the widths of the VS5 and VS7 are the same.

One is free to draw one's own conclusions but it seems more like the MQB-A2 implementation for the Tayron was used as the base in developing the VS7. Moreover, FAW-VW is currently building it, so a lot of development ground is already covered. Of course, since MQB-A2 vehicles are naturally longer than MQB-A1 vehicles, and given the partly common structure, one is not incorrect in saying that the VS7 is a long-wheelbase version of the VS5.

The worldwide media is making a connection between the VS7 and the Tarraco logically because, if VS5 = Ateca, then VS7 = longer VS5 = longer Ateca => (implies) Tarraco. That is also correct in a sense.
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1 - 7 of 22 Posts