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Jiading District is looking to revolutionize the country's auto industry through a new kind of vehicle recently unveiled at Shanghai International Automobile City.
The new auto, dubbed "Chao Yue III" is powered by hydrogen gas and discharges only water. With its low energy use and minimal pollution, the vehicle which was unveiled last month, is currently in production but only on a limited scale.

Yu Zhuoping, dean of Tongji University's Automobile Department and one of the inventors of the vehicle, said the prototype was fully charged with two kilograms of hydrogen gas and could run for 230 kilometers without stop.

"It looks very much the same as other kinds of automobiles in appearance," said Yu. "However, it works much more efficiently and produces less pollution than ordinary cars. These are the cars of the future."

With China being an energy-deficient country, despite having a great demand for both electricity and traditional fuels, such vehicles are coming along at a good time. The Tongji offering consumes less than 50 percent of the energy of traditional cars while reaching a maximum speed of 122 km per hour.

"It is expected that such vehicles will take the place of the cars you currently find on the roads," said Yu. "Such vehicles are vital for protecting China's environment and in saving energy resources."

The environmentally-friendly cars are expected to be produced on a mass scale in China in future as this year such companies as FAW Car Co Ltd, Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Company and Chang'an Automotive Group have signed contracts to invent and develop the vehicles.

With Jiading District's transformation into the "Detroit of China," Shanghai International Automobile City has become the most important research center for the auto industry in the country.

At the massive center which is open to the public, all kinds of vehicles, including buses, cars, trucks, trains and even magnetic levitation trains, can be found here. Researchers work diligently on their improvement.

With the advent of the center, it has created a forum that has attracted the best of the best connected to the transport world. With the high-tech facilities, people can do experiments in laboratories according to market demand. The center also collects information about new automobile technology and shares the research with the industry.

With the cost of the center shared by Jiading District and the various auto companies operating in China, researchers have the luxury of working in high-tech facilities at a relatively low cost.

With such a world-class facility, Jiading is hopeful that the center will attract greater investment, both foreign and domestic, in the near future.

Publication Date:12-May-2006
11:00 AM US Eastern Timezone
Source:Shanghai Daily

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more on the hydrogen alternative

The article doesn't mention that the university's partner in the Chao Yueh project is Shenli Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Also of note are the following:

The Chutian No. 1, a hydrogen fuel cell car developed jointly by Dongfeng Motor Corp. and Wuhan University of Technology after two years' efforts, passed official inspection by experts on January 8, 2005 according to a Xinhua News Agency report.

……in conjunction with the Science & Technology Museum in Beijing, the BMW Group opened a BMW CleanEnergy exhibition that will provide an interactive and informal means of experiencing and learning about the production, distribution and application of hydrogen says back on 2004/5/10.
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