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gr8 said:
cant agree anymore, but the traditional way to introduce a brand name in NA is to traget consumers wallets. its like would get buy the hyndai veracruz if it only cost you 4000$ more for a Lexus rx350? and i am also a big lifan fan, they make good engines.

You might pick the Veracruz... since Car and Driver picked it as the better car... so its not only cheaper.. but it's better too.

My friend and I are car enthusiasts... and were VERY suprised by C D picking the Hyundai... so we went and drove one. CD was right.. it is at least as good as the Lexus. (We had already driven the Lexus).. NOW long term reliability??? Not sure how that will play out... But the Japanese car makers are gonna have to work harder...

Soon Hyundai is releasing the Genesis.. A V8 rear wheel drive luxury sport sedan that is to compete with the Lexus LS430/460. Prices will start at 40K and go up. It looks to be very nice... well over 300HP

All I am saying is that If the Jailing 600 IS a good bike.. well made, and has a good ride.. AND they can get past the "made in China" issues.. there will be a market for it... But they are gonna have to have decent dealer support or people will be afraid to try it.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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